IGES Institute short profile

Research, development and consulting for public infrastructures

IGES scientists provide comprehensive knowledge and instruments to enable informed decision-making for politics, administration, economics and service providers. We offer creative solutions for questions in care, quality, financing and shaping competition for public goods and services.

The institute has based its work on high levels of expertise and knowledge for over 35 years. We have broad access to data sources—both our own and those of other institutions. We approach all issues brought to us on the basis of data and facts, and analyze them with the best available methods.

  • An independent, privately-owned research and consulting institute for infrastructure questions
  • Founded in 1980 by scientists from the Technische Universität Berlin
  • Employs over 130 highly qualified experts from almost all academic disciplines
  • Uses an interdisciplinary and theme-related approach with optimally constituted project teams
  • Represents empirically founded answers from a competitive angle and a user-perspective
  • Offers services based on expertise: studies, reports, publications, evaluations, concepts and strategies
  • Has conducted over 2,000 research and consulting projects for various clients since its conception
  • Functions under the owner management of scientists