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The member companies of the IGES Group contribute to designing infrastructures: for healthcare, transport, housing and education. For more than 40 years we have delivered research and consulting services – analyses, expert opinions, studies, concepts and strategies – in Europe.









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Pandemie Monitor

BIO-Europe Spring 2023

IGES Institut

EU-HTA ahead: Experts discuss new rules at BIO-Europe Spring

The pharmaceutical industry's perspective on the initiated EU-wide assessment of new medicines is the focus of a technical discussion with IGES experts at the BIO-Europe Spring 2023. » Details

Sick notes

IGES Institut

Sick leave in the third quarter of 2022: Corona infections play a smaller role

Corona infections caused comparatively few days of employee absence in the third quarter of 2022. » Details

Specialised care advice

IGES Institut

People in need of care with special support needs could benefit more from the advice of the long-term care insurance funds

The counselling service of the long-term care insurance funds is specialised in case management. Therefore, it is well suited for people in need of care with special needs. But the two sides have not yet found each other. » Details

Programme for more psychosocial health of nursing home residents: test run starts

IGES Institut

Programme for more psychosocial health of nursing home residents: test run starts

More and more care facilities are building on health promotion to promote the well-being of their residents. Another newly developed programme is now about to be tested. » Details

Developments in the pharmaceutical market

IGES Institut

Pharmaceuticals: average increase in expenditure from 2009 to 2021 below the mean value of all SHI benefit expenditure

IGES analyses provide in-depth insights into the long-term developments in the SHI pharmaceutical market. They show that the main driver of expenditure growth has been the increasing consumption of medicines. » Details

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Public Infrastructures in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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LifeScience - Access to Europe

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