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Das IGES Institut ist ein unabhängiges Forschungs- und Beratungsinstitut für Infrastruktur- und Gesundheitsfragen. Wir unterstützen alle, die bedeutende öffentliche Bereiche wie das Gesundheitssystem, das Verkehrs- und Bildungswesen mit innovativen Konzepten und Produkten gestalten.

Pharmaceutical Atlas: Every second drug is repeatedly evaluated for its benefit

The Joint Federal Committee (in German: Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss, G-BA) is increasingly dealing with repeated evaluations of individual drugs in 2017.

European Pharmaceutical Market: Guide Explains Top Five Countries

European Pharmaceutical Market: Guide Explains Top Five Countries


Report: Supporting people with prediabetes at an early stage

15 success factors for telemedicine projects

15 success factors for telemedicine projects

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Our Expertise

From Information To Innovation: For more than 35 Years we have been transforming data into valuable to inform numerous decicions.


Clinical Trials

CSG (Clinical Study Group) is a full-service contract research organization, offering services in planning, implementing and analyzing clinical-scientific studies.



The IGES Institute is the core of the IGES Group. It offers comprehensive services based on advanced expertise including: studies, reports, publications, evaluations, concepts and strategies. Since its foundation, it has carried out over 2,000 research and consulting projects.


Hospital Consulting

IMC clinicon is a consulting and services institute for the hospital sector, providing in-depth data and analyses of European hospitals.


Reimbursement Support

AiM (Assessment in Medicine) is a health economics consulting agency for the medical device industry, focusing on reimbursement programs. Health technology assessment dossiers are founded on qualitative and scientific methodologies.


Healthcare Consulting

HealthEcon, based in Basel, Switzerland is a consulting firm for health technology assessment, European market access and value strategy for the pharmaceutical industry, with almost 40 years’ experience.



Auditorium Berlin is the IGES Group’s state-of-the-art conference center. Accommodating up to 350 delegates and located in the very heart of Berlin, the center is an ideal venue for conventions and press conferences.


Mobility consulting

IGES Mobility is Germany’s leading provider of consulting services for the mobility sector.


IGES - The Knowledge Corporation

As an independent pioneer since 1980, the IGES Group focuses on research, development and consulting for life sciences and healthcare.

A brief history

  1. 1980+

    IGES Institute is founded as a private, independent research agency by researchers from the Berlin Institute of Technology. Its mission is to deliver expert-led research, evaluations and consultancy for decision-makers in government and administration as well as in public and private services.

  2. 1985+

    Numerous research projects are conducted on the performance of ambulatory care in Germany. IGES is a pioneer in health services research, paving the way with groundbreaking publications and providing health reporting for the German government.

  3. 1990+

    After Germany’s reunification, IGES plays a pivotal role in the process of integrating the East German healthcare system into Germany’s unified healthcare system. IGES also makes a key contribution to the development of a risk adjustment scheme for statutory sickness funds.

  4. 1995+

    IGES is a pioneer in the integration of medical care. The institute develops novel comprehensive healthcare models for patients with chronic conditions. Building on its expertise in data analysis, IGES introduces benchmarking and quality management consulting services for the healthcare sector.

  5. 2000+

    IGES increasingly turns its focus towards the pharmaceutical market. Studies on population-based utilization, market dynamics of patent protection, efficacy and efficiency figure prominently in addition to health technology assessment (HTA) and healthcare research.

  6. 2005+

    IGES is able to conduct numerous integrated projects by combining clinical research with methods used in health economics. At the same time, healthcare research becomes an increasingly important area of its work. Internationally, IGES assists several developing countries in establishing health service structures.

  7. 2010+

    Health benefit assessment for new drugs becomes mandatory in Germany. IGES responds to the growing demand by setting up a separate agency dedicated to health economics and outcomes research. As a first step towards offering its services throughout Europe, IGES expands into Switzerland.

  8. 2015+

    Benefit assessment becomes increasingly important worldwide. This will not only have an impact on drugs, but also on certain medical devices.
    IGES pools its members’ specialist expertise in theme-focused centers of competence, thus highlighting its interdisciplinary trademark.

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