Responsible authorities and infrastructure managers in education

For parents, businesses and companies, the attractiveness of a region or business location is determined by the available day care centers, schools, vocational education and training facilities . Two factors are influencing and shaping the education infrastructure: the impacts of demographic change with subsequent decreases in numbers of pupils, particularly in more sparsely populated regions, and an overall trend towards attaining higher education qualifications. New concepts and investments in good quality education infrastructure seem necessary.

Our clients

  • Federal and state ministries, senate administrations
  • Foundations
  • Welfare organizations
  • Charity associations

Our services

  • Regulatory consulting and policy consulting
    • Evaluations
    • Feasibility studies
    • Needs analysis
    • Policy analysis
    • Strategy evaluation and scenario analysis
    • Framework and conditions for market access regulation
    • Strategy planning and assessments, scenario analysis
  • Financing and pricing policy
    • Financial modeling
    • Risk selection analysis
    • Risk structure compensation schemes
  • Market research and competition
    • Consulting services for education market competition
    • Market analysis
    • Market Research
    • Benchmark assessments
  • Education research and quality of education
    • Developing innovative education concepts
    • Education needs analysis
    • Demographic strategies
    • Developing quality indicators
    • Developing regulatory instruments