Politics and regulation

In many countries, education policies are undergoing change. Global labor markets, structural economic transition into knowledge-based service societies, as well as limited financial resources are creating a demand to set new curricula. This is accompanied by a growing internationalization of education policies, as has been shown by the OECD’s “Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)” and the European Union’s (EU) Bologna Process.

Our clients

  • National ministries
  • State ministries, senate administrations
  • Municipalities
  • Associations and representatives of education institutions on a European level

Our services

  • Regulatory consulting and policy consulting
    • Evaluations
    • Feasibility studies
    • Needs analysis
    • Policy analysis
    • Strategy evaluation and scenario analysis
    • Framework and conditions for market access regulation
    • Strategy planning, evaluations and scenario analysis
  • Financing and pricing policy
    • Financial modeling
    • Risk selection analysis
    • Risk structure compensation schemes
  • Market research and competition
    • Consulting services for competition in the education market
  • *Market analysis
    • Market research
    • Benchmark assessments
  • Education research and quality of education
    • Developing innovative education concepts
    • Education needs analysis
    • Demographic strategies
    • Developing quality indicators
    • Developing regulatory instruments