Education companies and education funders

Private education funders substantially contribute to the range of educational options. The spectrum ranges from early childhood education to general schooling, including supplementary services such as tutoring, through to adult education. They will be of growing importance. Lifelong learning, supporting educationally disadvantaged groups as well as integrating people with migration backgrounds into the labor market will determine the performance of our future national economy.

Our clients

  • Private education providers (school, vocational, and university education, tutoring)
  • Foundations
  • Welfare organizations
  • Charity associations

Our services

Regulatory consulting and policy consulting

  • Evaluations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Needs analysis
  • Policy analysis
  • Strategy evaluation and scenario analysis
  • Framework and conditions for market access regulation
  • Strategy planning, evaluations and scenario analysis
Financing and pricing policy
  • Financial modeling
  • Risk selection analysis
  • Risk structure compensation schemes
Market research and competition
  • Consulting services for competition in the education market
       *Market analysis
  • Market research
  • Benchmark assessments
Education research and quality of education
  • Developing innovative education concepts
  • Education needs analysis
  • Demographic strategies
  • Developing quality indicators
  • Developing regulatory instruments