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Dr. Paul Neveux | IGES Gruppe

Orphan drug commercialization in Europe, using France as gateway to Europe

It is often a challenge for small and medium-sized biopharmaceutical companies to bring their novel medicines to European patients. Although there is only one centralized approval for innovative drugs in Europe, each European Member State has its own pricing and reimbursement system. This interactive workshop will focus on how small and medium-sized enterprises can best bring their rare disease therapies to European patients. Cell and gene therapies pose particular challenges as many of these therapies target a very small patient population. The higher the expected price, the more complex the price negotiations could become. A particular focus will be on the reimbursement system in France, as France has a unique early access program for life-saving drugs and is often the first country to enter the European market. The workshop will therefore also examine how the French early access program can be leveraged to generate data that can later be used in the regular reimbursement procedures in Europe. This workshop will look at access to orphan drugs from the perspective of patients, reimbursement bodies and industry. Participants are invited to discuss with the experts.The panelists will also answer questions submitted HERE during the panel discussion.

Veranstaltung: BIO-Europe Spring

Panel discussion with:
PIERRE LEVY, Université Paris-Dauphine
FREDERIC PRINCE, bluebird bio

Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch

Zeit: 14.45 - 15.45 Uhr

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