Infrastructure operators, environmental and health economics

Transport infrastructures face challenges arising from changing demand structures and different trends of growth in metropolitan and urban regions, as well as structural problems in rural areas. Public services demands on, for example, the healthcare sector or energy supply, environmental services and water management are also changing accordingly.

The future level of infrastructure services will be determined by the users and their needs, and will be developed under conditions of increasing competition and financial pressure.

Our clients

  • Transport infrastructure managers and public service infrastructure operators
  • Environmental service and water suppliers and associations
  • Healthcare service providers, associations and stakeholders

Our services

Corporate strategies

  • Policy analysis
  • Strategy evaluation and scenario analysis
  • Benchmark assessments
  • Organizational and process analysis
  • Restructuring processes
  • Developing organizational models
  • Cost and key performance indicator analysis
  • Developing company and business sector strategies and implementation support
  • Change management processes

Financing and pricing policies

  • Financing models for infrastructure and rolling stock
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Developing indicator systems and controlling instruments
  • Developing pricing models for infrastructure use and access

Health care related mobility services

  • Accessibility analysis for structural planning for medical care services
  • Mobility concepts for improving access to hospitals and healthcare centers
  • Restructuring emergency care structures

Consulting for environmental services

  • Developing strategies for environmental targets
  • Defining environmental standards
  • Developing measures for attaining and evaluating environmental targets

Work environment and employee development

  • Employment in the transport sector
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Improving working conditions and mobility management for employees
  • Qualification for skilled workforces