Politics and regulation

The mobility of people and goods must be guaranteed, primarily for social and economic reasons. Public authorities have to create appropriate framework conditions such as legal and regulatory environments, financing instruments structures and organizational structures.

This includes defining service levels for public services, such as regional or local public transport services, as well as designing and implementing master plans for developing transport infrastructure and transport services, now and in future.

Our clients

  • The European Union and EU bodies
  • Federal and state ministries
  • Federal and state authorities
  • Regulatory bodies (e.g. Federal Network Agency)
  • Government organizations (e.g. Monopolies Commission)
  • Local authorities

Our services

Strategic transport planning

  • Feasibility studies
  • Transport master planning
  • Public transport planning for long distance, urban and regional public transport systems
  • Integrated mobility consulting for multimodal transport systems
  • Development of public transport organizational structures for executive agencies
  • Competition strategies for public transport systems
  • Transport demand forecasts and transport modelling
  • New mobility: innovative transport solutions for urban and rural regions, car sharing, car pooling, green transport

Regulatory consulting

  • Regulating transport markets
  • Framework and conditions for market access regulation (Regulating railroad and other infrastructures)
  • Pricing models for transport infrastructure access fees
  • Strategies for competition in urban and regional public transport
  • Contract design for public transport services

Policy consulting

  • Policy analysis
  • Strategy evaluation and scenario analysis
  • Benchmark assessments
  • Organizational and process analysis
  • Change management processes in the transport sector
  • Developing organizational models
  • Cost and key performance indicator analysis

Financing and pricing policies

  • Rolling stock and infrastructure financing concepts
  • Economic feasibility studies and cost benefit analysis
  • Service and financing agreements
  • Development of tariff systems and tariff strategies
  • Design of controlling instruments
  • Performance controlling of transport contracts in urban and regional public transport

Mobility research and transport safety

  • Future mobility behavior, demographic strategies
  • Evaluating legal instruments, research and funding programs as well as individual projects
  • Transport safety strategies and action plans
  • Transport safety research

Environmental consulting

  • Developing regulatory instruments for environmental service industries
  • Defining environmental standards
  • Developing measures and evaluating environmental goals
  • Noise prediction in the transport sector (rail noise etc.)