Transport & logistics: operators for passenger and freight services

Traffic and transport companies connect our economic and social life on road, rail, water and in the air.

However, transport and logistic processes are becoming increasingly complex, and hence bring existing capacities, such as road or rail traffic, to their limits particularly in metropolitan regions. Additionally, constructing new or expanding existing transport infrastructures is restricted due to limited financial resources.

Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for transport companies to benchmark themselves with specific market sectors, to optimize organizational structures and production processes, identify future demands and business trends and develop appropriate new products and services.

Our clients

  • Municipal and private passenger transport operators
  • Logistics service providers
  • Transport economy associations and NGOs
  • Investors

Our services

Strategic transport planning

  • Public transport planning for long distance, urban and regional public transport systems
  • Design of logistic processes and transport solutions for freight services
  • Strategies for contract awarding, competition, and tender management
  • Transport demand forecasts and transport modelling
  • Support for licensing procedures
  • Contract design in the transport sector

Corporate strategies

  • Strategy evaluation and scenario analysis
  • Benchmark assessments
  • Organizational and process analysis
  • Restructuring processes
  • Developing organizational models
  • Cost and key performance indicator analysis
  • Developing company and business sector strategies and implementation support
  • Change management processes

Financing and pricing policies

  • Financing models for infrastructure and rolling stock
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Service and financing agreements
  • Sales and profit management
  • Developing tariff systems and tariff strategies
  • Developing pricing models for infrastructure use and access
  • Developing indicator systems and controlling instruments
  • Controlling of transport contracts in public transport and for public service obligations

Market research and quality in the transport sector

  • Developing transport surveys
  • Market potential and competition analysis
  • Quality management systems
  • Customer satisfaction analyses
  • Image and positioning assessments
  • Usability analyses for transport related service processes

Work environment and employee development

  • Employment in the transport sector
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Improving working conditions and mobility management for employees
  • Qualification for skilled workforces