Responsible authorities for public transport

An important prerequisite for a fully functioning national economy is the mobility of people and goods. Demographic change, limited budgets, changing global economic requirements as well as changes in people’s mobility behavior will demand profound change processes in the transport business sector as well as in other infrastructure sectors.

Responsible bodies for public transport, as planners and purchasers of transport and mobility services, will therefore face major challenges in the future.

Our clients

  • Federal state ministries
  • Responsible authorities for public transport and executive agencies in the field of urban and regional public transport passenger services
  • Transport and special-purpose associations in the bus and rail sectors

Our services

Strategic transport planning

  • Feasibility studies
  • Transport master planning
  • Public transport planning for long distance, urban and regional public transport systems
  • Integrated mobility consulting for multimodal transport systems
  • Development of public transport organizational structures for executive agencies
  • Competition strategies for public transport systems
  • Transport demand forecasts and transport modelling
  • New mobility: innovative transport solutions for urban and rural regions, car sharing, car pooling, green transport

Regulatory consulting

  • Consulting services for transport market competition
  • Supporting licensing processes
  • Contract design for public transport services
  • Framework and conditions for market access regulation

Financing and pricing policies

  • Rolling stock and infrastructure financing concepts
  • Economic feasibility studies and cost benefit analysis
  • Service and financing agreements
  • Sales and profit management
  • Development of tariff systems and tariff strategies
  • Design of controlling instruments
  • Performance controlling of transport contracts in urban and regional public transport
  • Pricing models for transport infrastructure access fees

Market research and quality in the transport sector

  • Developing transport surveys
  • Market potential and competition analysis
  • Quality management systems
  • Customer satisfaction analyses
  • Image and positioning assessments
  • Usability analyses for transport related service processes