Foundations and NGOs

Besides healthcare providers, funders and politically responsible bodies as well as members of the civil society are playing an increasingly important role in further shaping and developing the healthcare system. Patient and consumer organisations in particular, as well as foundations, constitute the most active group of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the health sector.

Our clients

  • Foundations and associations
  • Consumer advice centres at federal and state levels
  • Patient and insuree organisations and associations
  • Citizens and patient initiatives
  • Socio-political organisations
  • Media

Our services

  • Advanced policy analysis / evaluation
  • Studies on medical care situations
  • Reports and concepts for further development of healthcare
  • Evaluation of new approaches to care
  • Concepts and methods for presenting performance and quality of care provision
  • Developing advanced information systems for informing consumers with regard to service providers and service structures in the healthcare system
  • Developing regional health information services and guides
  • Surveys