Doctors and managed care organisations

Doctors are often the first point of contact for patients and insurees. In contrast to many other countries, specialist care is predominantly provided through ambulatory care in Germany. This assigns ambulatory care a critical role in the healthcare system. Questions about future structure, accessibility and availability, as well as quality and reimbursement will determine the course of its future development.

Our clients

  • Professional medical organizations
    • Medical chambers (regional and national)
    • Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (regional and national)
    • Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists
  • Professional medical bodies and associations
  • Medical societies
  • Medical care center funders
  • Managed care providers

Our services

Reports, consulting services, assessment in the fields of

  • Reimbursement
    • Overall remuneration (time-related development, influencing factors, regional segmentation, regulations), financial planning systems
    • Differences in remuneration between different physician groups (e.g. following remuneration reforms)
    • Transfer effects
    • Costing and financial evaluation of individual services
    • Further development of the benefits catalogue
    • Pay for performance (P4P) programs
    • Methods for measuring morbidity
  • Service provision
    • Service planning and management
    • Service innovations
    • Incorporating morbidity developments
    • Integrated care, care Management and selective contracting
    • Evaluation of reimbursement reforms and care provision
  • Quality
    • Concepts for quality improvement systems
    • Quality parameter feedback systems
    • System analysis of sophisticated quality reporting systems
  • Budget impact
    • Expenditure estimates for individual and/or new services
  • Health accessibility
    • Care concepts for rural regions