Health insurances and their associations

Health insurances give their clients the security of care during illness. They collaborate with all sectors of the healthcare system, through which they attain a special overall view and specific management opportunities. Employing these in an optimal balance between quality and efficiency will shape the future development of statutory and private health insurances (GKV, PKV).

Our clients

  • Statutory health insurances with all types of sickness funds
  • Private health insurances
  • Health insurance associations and health insurance funds

Our services

Advice, concepts and analysis in the fields of:

  • Strategy development and policy
    • Developing and explaining scenarios and reform concepts
    • Post healthcare reform strategies
    • Risk structure compensation analysis (morbi-RSA)
  • Service provision and care
    • Benchmarking and management approaches for individual service sectors
    • Innovative care management
    • Developing and evaluating selective contracts
    • Developing and evaluating new insurance tariffs
    • Developing products for private clients and enterprises
  • Marketing and sales
    • Advanced customer segmentation
    • Strategic use of customer preferences
    • Data-based efficiency improvement, e.g. sales channel costs
    • Sales activities via employers
    • Social media concepts