Organizations for insurees and patients

Healthcare service and provision should benefit the individual. How true this is in reality considerably depends on health policy requirements. However, in the current debates about budgets and costs, the focus on patients and insurees’ needs are frequently forgotten. Incorporating “user” perspectives is being increasingly recognised as having positive effects on efficiency and quality. These perspectives are therefore gaining importance for further developing healthcare systems.

Our clients

  • Patient representatives from self-governing institutions
  • Self-help initiatives
  • Patient and insuree organisations and associations
  • Consumer organisations at federal and state levels
  • Foundations and societies
  • Media

Our services

  • Advanced policy analysis and evaluation
  • Studies on care situations
  • orts and concepts for further healthcare development
  • Evaluation of new approaches to care
  • Concepts and methods for illustrating performance and quality of care provision
  • Developing sophisticated information systems for informing consumers with regard to service providers and service structures in the healthcare system
  • Developing regional health information services and guides
  • Survey and analysis of satisfaction with provision of treatment