Pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical companies make significant contributions towards medical advancement by developing new and innovative drugs. To this effect, they operate in Germany and also in other countries, predominantly with heavily regulated markets shaped by requirements of social health insurances and state institutions. For this reason, market access, pricing, quantity regulation and benefit assessment are themes that continually affect the companies and their associations.

Our clients

  • Research-based pharmaceutical companies
  • Generics manufacturers
  • OTC drug manufacturers
  • National and international pharmaceutical professional and business associations
  • National and international pharmaceutical associations

Our services

  • Health Economics & Outcomes Research
    • Value demonstration
      • Dossiers for early benefit assessment and clinical evaluation of drugs
      • Value dossiers
      • Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
    • Health economic evaluation
      • Efficiency assessment of interventions
      • Cost of illness studies
  • Real-world analysis and analysis of care provision
    • Demand and access
    • Care pathways
    • Quality of care
    • Utilisation and expenditure
  • Pharmaceutical market analysis
  • Strategic consultation
    • Pricing & market access
    • Portfolio and competition analysis
    • Analysis of pharmaceutical environment and health-care policy conditions
  • Clinical trials